The "GREEN MONSTER",  Fun for Kids!!!

Purchased in the summer of 2010 the CTC Emergency Training Unit, also known as the "Green Monster", has become a valuable asset to our training at the Career and Technology Center. It is used by the EMT program for Emergency Vehicle Operations classes, and allows us to take programs off of our campus to the community if needed. More importantly the Green Monster allows us to introduce Emergency Medical Services to the children in the community.  We have been frequent visitors at McAlisters Kids Night, have appeared In parades and at numerous schools, have participated in Wheeled Wonders with the Discovery Playhouse and participate in the Healthcare Summer Camp at Shawnee park during the summer. If your group, school or other organization would like us to bring the Green Monster to you please contact us and we will make arrangements to accommodate you.



To schedule us to visit your school, group or other organization just call the Career and Technology Center.