Upon successful completion of any CTC EMS program a Certificate of Completion will be awarded to the student. Completion of the program includes all clinical and internship rotations as well also classroom and lab requirements as well.

Career & Technical Education is not the end in its self, but a means by which the theory of the academic subjects may be applied to practical situations.  It is the obligation of this school to provide the learning experiences needed to prepare the students to take their place in their chosen fields or careers.

The "individual" must be the center of concentration in developing programs, curriculums, and activities for the students' educational growth.  Opportunities must be provided for the continuation of his social, aesthetic, and ethical development as set forth by his home school.

This school, as a political subdivision, must provide educational services to this community compatible to the demands of this community.  It must offer subject areas to both high school and adult students, which will yield trained personnel to fill the occupational needs of the area.


  • To develop specific skills and related knowledge associated with the occupations involved.
  • To encourage proper attitudes.
  • To develop an appreciation of, and pride in one's work.
  • To develop cooperation with fellow workers and an understanding of labor-management relations.
  • To stimulate the development of leadership qualities to improve occupational status.
  • To foster the development of self-reliance and critical thinking skills.
  • To use and appreciate occupational safety habits.
  • To develop an understanding of the necessity for the economic use of materials and equipment.
  • To develop individual initiative and responsibility as a worker.
  • To assist those who are prepared to obtain employment.
  • Qualify graduates to meet current written and practical examinations provided by the Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.


The educational philosophy of this program and its affiliate ambulance services and hospitals is such that it encourages the Emergency Medical Services students to develop their own learning skills and experiences.

The program's instructors focus on development of student attitudes, skills, experiences, and knowledge necessary to become competent emergency care practitioners.  The course curriculum has been developed and continues to evolve in order to enable the graduate to meet the continuously changing field of Emergency Medical Services.

We believe that the persons who choose to enter the EMS training program should be mature, in good health, have sufficient general education to meet the high standards of the profession, program, and medical community and above all, have a desire to assist their fellow man and to achieve in this endeavor.


The goals of the Emergency Medical Services programs are to prepare and train students as competent EMT’s and Paramedics, qualify graduates to sit for current National Registry Examinations provided by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, to earn the EMT or Paramedic credential and to maintain an instructional program providing each student with the basic skills and knowledge essential to develop his or her full potential.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate an appropriate level of skills and knowledge of procedures and equipment to function as an entry level paramedic or EMT. Students will be able to fulfill the job responsibilities of an EMT or EMT-P and will be able to utilize their own critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will be prepared to sit for, and successfully complete a secure NREMT credentialing format exam.


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